The Pakenham Silverbacks have won the Division 2 Championship game. The Victory made the Pakenham Silverbacks the first team to win back to back championships in Division 2. They also became the first team to have an undefeated season 14 wins and 0 loses.

Team G W L D P
Pakenham Silverbacks 12 12 0 0 24
Bendigo Dragons 12 9 2 1 19
Northern Raiders 12 5 4 3 13
Monash Barbarians 12 6 6 0 12
Ballarat Falcons 12 3 8 1 7
Gippsland Gladiators 12 2 9 1 5
Melton Wolves 12 2 10 0 4
* Final standings 2K16

Division Two Championship result

Pakenham Silverbacks 43 Northern Raiders 8

2016 Season has finished see ya'll in 2017.

Juniors training times - Under 19's

Lakeside Recreation Reserve,
Shearwater Boulevard
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Start 6.30pm Tuesday and Thursday from the 25th October 2016

Womens training times

Lakeside Recreation Reserve,
Shearwater Boulevard
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Start 6.30pm Tuesday and Thursday from the 25th October 2016

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Jason Howlett vs the Monash Barbarians - 2016
Felix Brown vs the Northern Raiders - 2016
Toby Currie intercepts the ball against the Gippsland Gladiators - 2016

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